II MOVE Removal & Transport
Adelaide Based. Local/Interstate Home/Office Removal. Pickup & Delivery

One week before

* Book your removalist to secure your job.

* Make a list. Get things organized as early as possible.

* Finish your packing. Labeling what’s in your boxes, add what room they’ll be going into, as well.

* Relocate your services: Electricity, Gas, Telephone, Internet, etc.

* Change your addresses: Bank, Driver's licence, Medicare, ATO, Mobile, company/school, etc

* Clean old home. If you can, show up to your new home. Pre-clean and take photos.

One day before

* Confirm the job with your removalist.

* Make sure that your mobile phone is fully charged up for tomorrow,

* Pack essential bag. Get some cash.

* Unplug all appliances 24 hours in advance. Defrost fridge.

* Take a shower and have a sound sleep.

On moving day

* Ensure children and pets are safe and out of harm’s way

* Don't move junk.

* Leave fridge off at least 4 hours to make it settled.

* Finish up any cleaning once the movers are done.

* Lock windows and doors, turn off lights and take a final tour around the house to say your goodbyes and make sure you haven’t left anything behind.

* Tell your families and friends you have moved to new home.