II MOVE Removal & Transport
Adelaide Based. Local/Interstate Home/Office Removal. Pickup & Delivery

Book/Wine Box
$4.5/ea. $4/ea for 10+

Books, Wine Bottles, CD's/DVD's, Games and other Non Breakable items.

0.4m(L) * 0.3m(W) * 0.43m(H)
Cubic Litres: 52.14
Cubic Metres: 0.052

Tea Chest
$5/ea. $4.5/ea for 10+

Double strength cardboard. The all purpose packing box. Ideal for packing non breakable items such as clothing, toys and linen.

0.43m(L) * 0.4m(W) * 0.6m(H)
Cubic Litres: 104.29
Cubic Metres: 0.104

Universal Box
$4.5/ea. $4/ea for 10+

Economical single use box. Versatile size to suit a variety of non breakable items. Ideal size for moving and storing household items.

0.42m(L) * 0.37m(W) * 0.64m(H)
Cubic Litres: 100.64
Cubic Metres: 0.1

Wardrobe Box
$20/ea. $18/ea for 3+

Easy clothes transfer between wardrobes. Temporary wardrobe for theatre, modelling and photo shoots.

0.6m(L) * 0.48m(W) * 1.08m(H)
Cubic Litres: 300
Cubic Metres: 0.3